Faced with the growing problem of unreliable data, many companies have turned to Enterprise Data Management (EDM) to get their information management efforts back on track. Unfortunately, many are using EDM to address the symptoms of bad data, when the only way to really solve the problem is to address its root causes. Because when data is inaccurate at the point of creation, it can continue to create headaches deep inside the system.
Effective enterprise data management addresses the source of data problems like these, but it doesn’t stop there. EDM also helps manage data across its entire lifecycle. A comprehensive EDM solution includes capabilities in profiling, cleansing and monitoring to improve data quality; metadata (data about data) to ensure consistent definitions and usage; data governance to provide ongoing oversight and enforcement of standards and procedures; retention and security to support accessible and secure data; and master data management. Improvements in these areas can help produce the kind of data your business can rely on — from the beginning.
Effective enterprise data management can help organizations in their efforts to:
  • Improve business operations and decision-making by providing data that is accurate, reliable, accessible and consistent
  • Establish a strong data foundation layer on which business capabilities can be built to achieve enterprise excellence
  • Establish a “single version of the truth” across the enterprise
  • Reduce information costs and improve productivity for anyone who uses information
  • Facilitate cooperation and collaboration across organizational boundaries
  • Improve regulatory compliance, control and risk management
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